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The surgical faculty at MMC are excellent, busy clinical surgeons. However, the magnet attracting them to MMC is the opportunity to teach medical students and residents and to continue to bring new ideas and technology to the bedside and to the operating room.

The teaching staff includes surgeons who received their training at MMC as well as those whose training and experience were in institutions across the country. Many have held faculty positions in other University programs and all hold current faculty positions at the Tufts School of Medicine. Both individually and as a group, the faculty balance an interest in the broad aspects of their specialty as well as one or more subspecialty focuses, such as Transplantation, Critical Care, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Surgical Oncology, etc. The relatively small size of the MMC Surgical Residency encourages close contact with this faculty and results in a strong sense of mutual respect and support.

Elizabeth Blazick, M.D.

Paul Bloch, M.D.

Thomas Brady, M.D.

Damien Carter, M.D.

Nora Cheung, M.D.

David Ciraulo, D.O.

David E. Clark, M.D.

Roy A. Cobean, M.D.

Brad M. Cushing, M.D. Surgeon in Chief

Jonathan Dreifus, M.D.

Virginia Eddy, M.D. Director of Undergraduate Education

Gene Grindlinger, M.D.

Lee Hallagan, M.D.

Robert Hawkins, M.D.

Chris Healey, M.D.

William Herbert, M.D.

Jens Eldrup-Jorgensen, M.D.

Dougald MacGillivray, M.D.

Cathel MacLeod, M.D.

Baird Mallory, M.D.

Sara Mayo, M.D.

Ian Neilson, M.D.

Joseph Rappold, M.D.

Frederick R. Radke, M.D.

M. Parker Roberts, M.D.

Lisa Rutstein, M.D.

Jaswin Sawhney, M.D., Associate Program Director

Kristin Sihler, M.D.

James Whiting, M.D.  Director of Surgical Education

Renee Wolff, M.D.

Leslie Wu, M.D.