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Vascular Center

Vascular Surgery

MMC's Vascular Center has expert surgeons who can perform limb-saving surgeries, aneurysm repairs, treatment for varicose veins, and other more complex procedures.

Vascular surgeons specialize in the management of circulatory diseases, including such conditions as blocked arteries to the brain and limbs, aneurysms, blood clots and venous disorders. Often working in collaboration with our colleagues, our emphasis is on the best treatment for the patient with minimally invasive techniques. 

Conditions treated at our center include:

  • Claudication - blocked arteries to the legs.
  • Strokes or mini strokes due to blocked arteries in the neck (carotid artery). The goal of this treatment is to prevent strokes.
  • Foot ulcers and gangrene dues to move severe blockages in the lower extremity arteries.
  • Aneurysms - a weakened bulge usually formed in the aorta, but may develop elsewhere as well.
  • Blocked arteries to the kidneys, causing severe hypertension (high blood pressure); or to the intestine, causing abdominal pain and weight loss.
  • Varicose veins - painful, bulging leg veins.
  • Blood clots - in the veins or arteries. 

1st Annual Bredenberg Vascular Symposium
MMC is excited to announce the upcoming 1st Annual Bredenberg Vascular Symposium. Free registration is required. To learn more, please visit our registration page.

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