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Day in the Life of a Vascular Patient

Pre Operative Testing

Welcome to the PreAdmission Unit.  My name is Mary and I am one of the nurses who will be helping to prepare you and your family for you upcoming surgery at Maine Medical Center (MMC).   

Our visit is a very important one! By getting to know about you through review of the information that your surgeon has provided us, by asking and answering questions,  and by performing a few tests your doctor has ordered, we can start to build your medical record for your surgery. This record (your chart) will be waiting for you when you arrive at Maine Medical Center the day of your surgery and will follow you throughout your hospital stay. Having all of your important medical information in one place and on hand, all who care for you will be able to provide you with prompt, individualized and safe care. 

At this visit you will be asked to complete the hospital registration process for your billing account (if not already completed with you ahead of this visit by phone).  Information requested will include the proper spelling of your legal name, your date of birth, next of kin information and the name and policy numbers to your insurance company. You will be offered a brochure with phone numbers to our financial office in case you have no insurance or have billing questions. 

Next, our patient care technicians may have orders form your doctor or our anesthesiologist to draw some blood samples or obtain some of your urine. These tests are usually done to make sure that you are not anemic and that your liver and kidneys are strong.  One of these samples may be checking on your blood type.  With this sample the hospital blood bank can be ready to give you a transfusion of blood immediately if needed. Your doctor may also order an EKG to check on your heart and a chest x ray to look at your lungs.

After your tests are completed, a nurse will record your height, weight, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate) and O2 saturation (a finger reading of the amount of oxygen in your blood stream). Next, you and your family members will be seated in a private interview room. Here your medical history will be reviewed and completed by the nurse. We will provide you with answers to questions such as where to check in the morning of your surgery, what time you should arrive at MMC, where to park, and which medications you should take the morning of your surgery.  We recognize we cover a great deal of information at this appointment and will provide you with written instructions, maps, lodging information, and educational brochures which you may review at your convenience.

A large part of this important appointment is to identify any concerns you feel you may have as your transition out of the hospital after your surgery.  We will work with you to identify potential problems and make referrals we together agree are important to the social work department and discharge planners.  This will assist our staff at Maine Medical Center to ensure you a safe and worry free transition out of the hospital when you are ready for discharge after your surgery.

When all of your nursing concerns are met you will meet with the anesthesiologist. They will talk with you about your past anesthesia experiences and discuss with you what type of anesthesia they feel will best suit you and your type of surgery. Once your anesthesia questions are answered you will sign a consent for the anesthesia.
This visit can take approximately 90 minutes. We hope that the time you have invested for this visit will lessen your anxiety and add to the quality of care you experience at MMC. Thank you for letting us serve you.

Mary, RN, PAU



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