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Visitor Information

Visiting Loved Ones

We recognize the importance of family and friends to the wellbeing and recovery of our patients. It's best to talk with the staff on the patient's care unit to coordinate when it is best for family and friends to visit your loved ones.

How you can help us care for your loved one:

  • Plan visits so that there are usually no more than two visitors with the patient at any time.
  • Note and respect special signs posted on the doors of patient rooms.
  • Check at the nursing station before entering a patient's room.
  • Be considerate of other patients.
  • Consult with the patient's nurse for visits by children under the age of 12.
  • Avoid wearing fragrances or perfume.
  • Patient bathrooms, beds, telephones, and drinking glasses are for patients only.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are located on the Ground Floor, near the Impressions Café, and near the South Entrance lobby. We ask that visitors do not use patient bathrooms.

Telephone Calls

It is our policy to give telephone callers a patient's telephone number and to connect them through to the room unless the patient has specified otherwise. We want to be helpful to friends and relatives, but we are primarily concerned with protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our patients. Therefore, we will not give telephone callers details about condition, divulge whether or not a patient is out of surgery yet, or give out room numbers. We suggest that patients designate a family member or friend as the person to call if they are unable or choose not to take calls themselves.

Telephones are located on the Ground Floor along the main corridor. We ask that visitors not use patient telephones.

Internet Access

Free Wireless Internet connections are available for all patients and visitors. Download Wireless Access instructions on how to configure your computer or call the Help Desk at (207) 662-6400.

Non-Smoking Campus

For the health and safety of our patients, visitors, employees, and the community, all MMC owned and leased properties are tobacco-free, including parking areas. This policy applies to anyone on any MMC campus, including patients, employees, contractors, and visitors.

For tobacco treatment information, contact the Maine Tobacco Helpline toll-free (800) 207-1230.